Welcome to Eqlat Fitness: Your Ultimate Gym Experience in Japan

Are you a traveler looking for a fitness experience that goes beyond the usual hotel gym? Look no further than Eqlat Fitness, where we offer state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to meet all your fitness needs. Whether you’re visiting Japan for business or leisure, Eqlat Fitness provides the perfect environment for a comprehensive workout.

  • Why Choose Eqlat Fitness? Top-notch Equipment:Unlike typical hotel gyms, Eqlat Fitness boasts a wide range of professional-grade equipment, allowing you to maintain your fitness regime without compromise.
  • Flexible Access for Visitors:We offer the convenience of one-time access passes, so you can enjoy our facilities without a long-term commitment.
  • Convenient Rentals: Traveling light? No problem! Eqlat Fitness provides rental services for workout wear and shoes, letting you stay active without packing extra gear.

Easy and Ready Anytime Fitness Access

Smart entry and exit using QR codes

All you need is your smartphone for entry and exit is your smartphone. We ensure complete security.

Open5:00-24:00, 365 days a year

You can use visit our gym anytime you want from early morning to after work.

All procedures are completed online

You do not need to follow a troublesome procedure of filling out paper forms, in the absence of physical contact.

You can use facilities with shoes on

Just put on workout clothes and sneakers at home and go straight to the gym!

Advanced Security and Hygienic Facilities

Free Wi-Fi

Water dispensers

Various attachments

Various items available for rent

Street shoes allowed

Changing rooms

24-hour security

Security cameras

Entry and exit using QR code

Hand sanitizer stations

Regular cleaning and sanitization

Proper ventilation

Visitor Membership Fees

Visitor members can use machines and facilities on a pay-per-visit basis.

2,000 JPY per visit

(2,200 JPY including tax)

Available time: 5:00 AM – Midnight

Rental Services

Rental ItemsPrice (excl. tax)Price (incl. tax)
Top Wear400 JPY440 JPY
Bottom Wear400 JPY440 JPY
Towel550 JPY550 JPY
Shoes880 JPY880 JPY
Socks (sports brand)
*Socks only for sale
660 JPY660 JPY
A 5-piece set of above items2,500 JPY2,750 JPY

Step-by-Step Guide: Online Registration and Booking

Free Membership Registration

First, access the member site. ※ A new page will open.

Select “新規会員登録[New Member Registration]” displayed at the bottom of the page to register for a free membership.

Select “新規会員登録[New Member Registration]”

Fill out all required fields such as “Email Address” and “Password,” then review the terms of use and complete the registration.

Enter the necessary information
Confirm your email

After registering, a verification email will be sent to your registered email address. Please click the URL in the email to complete the verification.

Click the URL in the email
Your membership registration is complete!
Select the reservation date on My Page

After free membership registration, you can book your visit dates as a visitor on My Page.

Tap on the calendar icon at the bottom of the screen,then select “ビジター[Visitor]” on the next page.

Tap on the calendar icon at the bottom of the screen
Select “ビジター[Visitor]”

Available dates will be displayed. Select the date you wish to use the facilities as a visitor, then select “チケットを購入して予約する[Purchase tickets and make a reservation]” on the next page.

Select the dates of your visit
Select “チケットを購入して予約する[Purchase tickets and make a reservation]”
Purchase tickets

Confirm the dates and charges,then select “次へ[Next]”.
Enter your credit card information for payment on the next page.

Confirm the information and select”次へ[Next]”
Enter credit card information

Make a final confirmation of information on the display and select “上記内容で予約する[Make s reservation for the above details]”.
Once the reservation completion screen is displayed, your reservation is successfully completed!

Final confirmation
Reservation complete!
Confirmation of reservation details

To confirm your reservation details, you can refer to the reservation confirmation email sent to your registered email address or select the leftmost option at the bottom of the screen.

Check-In and Check-Out with QR Codes

Display the QR code

Select the second QR code icon from the right at the bottom of the screen to display the QR code for entry and exit.
The QR code will be valid on the reserved day only. Please note that it cannot be used on any other day.


There is a black QR code reader next to the entrance door. Please hold your smartphone displaying the QR code close to the reader to scan it.
When you hear a “beep” from the reader and a “click” from the door, it means the door is unlocked.
Pull the door to enter.

QR code reader next to the entrance door
Scan the QR code on your smartphone

Similar to the entrance, there is a black QR code reader next to the exit door. Please hold your smartphone displaying the QR code close to the reader to scan it.
When you hear a “beep” from the reader and a “click” from the door, it means the door is unlocked.
Push the door to exit.

QR code reader next to the exit door
Scan the QR code on your smartphone

Guide for Use of Facilities

Please pay attention to the following rules when using the facilities.

  • Please read the terms and conditions on the “Terms of Use” page carefully.
  • Machine usage time during peak hours
    • The all-in-one rack machines can be used for a maximum of 30 minutes, other machines around 20 minutes, and cardio machines within 60 minutes.
    • For the all-in-one rack machines, please use the whiteboard to fill out the waiting list.
    • If it is not crowded and no one is waiting, you can use the machine without time restrictions.
  • After using the machines, please use the alcohol sanitizing wipes available in the facility to clean the areas you used.
  • For other precautions, please refer to the “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

Would Appreciate Your FeedbackShare Your Experience on Social Media

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    • Tag our gym account @eqlat.fit or use the hashtags #eqlat and #エクラットフィットネス when posting. Your comments motivate us in daily operations.

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